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48 Facile Synthesis of Carbon-Coated Silicon/Graphite Spherical Composites for High-Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries 첨부파일 관리자16.07.12
47 Synthesis, characterization and antitubercular activities of novel pyrrolyl hydrazones and their Cu-complexes 첨부파일 관리자16.06.28
46 Tailoring the pore structure of carbon nanofibers for achieving ultrahigh-energy-density supercapacitors using ionic liquids as electrolytes 첨부파일 관리자16.06.28
45 Design and development of pyrrole carbaldehyde: an effective pharmacophore for enoyl-ACP reductase 첨부파일 관리자16.04.07
44 Synthesis, antimycobacterial screening and ligand-based molecular docking studies on novel pyrrole derivatives bearing pyrazoline, isoxazole and pheny 첨부파일 관리자15.11.27
43 Highly conductive, porous RuO2/activated carbon nanofiber composites containing graphene for electrochemical capacitor electrodes 첨부파일 관리자15.11.27
42 Rationally engineered surface properties of carbon nanofibers for the enhanced supercapacitive performance of binary metal oxide nanosheets 첨부파일 관리자15.10.01
41 In-situ synthesis of vanadium pentoxide nanofibre/exfoliated graphene nanohybrid and its supercapacitor applications 첨부파일 관리자15.08.26
40 전기방사를 이용한 슈퍼캐퍼시터용 금속산화물/탄소나노섬유 복합체 첨부파일 관리자15.07.02
39 Preparation and electrochemical properties of RuO2-containing activated carbon nanofiber composites with hollow cores 첨부파일 관리자15.06.11
38 Electro-conductively deposited carbon fibers for power controllable heating elements 첨부파일 관리자15.04.28
37 Shell–core structured carbon fibers via melt spinning of petroleum- and wood-processing waste blends 첨부파일 관리자15.02.12
36 Electrochemical role of oxygen containing functional groups on activated carbon electrode 첨부파일 관리자14.12.11
35 Improving the microstructure and electrochemical performance of carbon nanofibers containing graphene-wrapped silicon nanoparticles as a Li-ion batter 첨부파일 관리자14.10.27
34 Pitch based carbon fibers for automotive body and electrodes 첨부파일 관리자14.08.18
33 Rice Husk-Derived Graphene with Nano-Sized Domains and Clean Edges 첨부파일 관리자14.07.22
32 Enhanced electrical capacitance of heteroatom-decorated nanoporouscarbon nanofiber composites containing graphene 첨부파일 관리자14.07.22
31 Structure and electrochemical properties of electrospun carbon fiber composites containing graphene 첨부파일 관리자14.07.22
30 A selective way to create defects by the thermal treatment of fluorinated double walled carbon nanotubes 첨부파일 관리자14.06.25
29 Double-walled carbon nanotubes: synthesis, structural characterization, and application 첨부파일 관리자14.06.20
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