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Carbon Materials Laboratory

The members in this laboratory have research on the carbon materials since the year of 1889 foundation. The resources of the carbon cover polymers, residual oil, coal tar, and biomass. The precursors are prepared to be nano-structured and fibrous carbon materials. The characteristics of the carbon materials determine the application area such as, reinforced, conductive, adsorptive, storage, and supportive. The areas mentioned are all related to clean energy storage and conversion and echo-friendly environment.

In specific, the resources are treated in the sense of recycling to be developed for energy storage and conversion, such as electrode for electro-chemical capacitor and rechargeable battery and catalyst support on the basis of the electrical conductivity and high specific surface area, shown in the Figures.


The graduate students in carbon materials Lab. are supported by BK21 + program sponsored by Ministry of Education, KOREA. They are also encouraged mentally “Being a Noble Person with Freedom through Carbon” in the future.